Travel Insurance

We are licensed to sell travel insurance in the province of BC. Our Host Agency has contracted TIC (Travel Insurance Co-ordinators) to provide services for us. TIC is underwritten by Manual Life. Quotes are free.

Medical travel insurance is comprehensive and can cover you for a single trip, multi-trips (or Annual), and all inclusive (includes cancellation and interruption).

British Columbia residents who travel within Canada should ensure they have Travel Medical as well. BC only covers up to $75 per day for medical services outside of its provincial borders.

Cancellation and Interruption is also offered and is included within the all inclusive plan. Many travelers feel they don’t need it, but well, listen to the following true story below.

You can decline purchasing travel insurance from us, but we will require a signed waiver prior to us booking any travel for you.

A True Story
Traveler A traveling to Europe took out travel insurance. Traveler B going on a cruise through the Western Caribbean did not.

Two days before Traveler A was to depart a medical condition arose that forced her to cancel her trip. She received a full refund, minus those hotel bookings that were cancelled.

Two weeks before Traveler B was to depart on their cruise they were involved in a car collision. It was not the travelers fault and in time they decided to sue the other driver for the losses involved, which included their trip costs. It has been in the courts for three years, without being resolved.

Travel Tip

If you have had an accident in a foreign country here are some tips for ensuring you are not denied compensation from your Travel Insurance underwriter.

  • The most important thing is to ensure that you have made the Travel Insurer aware of all medical conditions.
  • If you have an accident or come down with an illness, ensure that you immediately take control of the reporting of the incident to your Travel Insurer.  American Hospitals in particular will attempt to take control of events so they can increase the amount of charges.
  • Ensure that you only allow a person you know make responsible decisions for your care.  Do not allow the hospital to take control and order unnecessary tests and treatments.
  • Ensure you understand fully what has happened and then work out what has happened.  In particular ensure that you do not use words that can be misinterpreted or that can be used in an opposite manner so that the claim can be denied.