Foreign Independent Travel

We specialize in planning Foreign Independent Travel (FIT). We plan your trip from your departure to your return home, and will provide options for air, accommodation, and local transportation. We will also suggest sites to see and restaurants to try. This is what we do when building an Independent Trip.

  • We construct trips for clients and not ourselves. We will build around a theme or the things you want to do the most.
  • Consider ease of travel. So for example we often choose accommodation close to the main train station for a European Trip. Or if you are arriving in the next place, we try to get you there early so that you can check into your accommodation or for your flight without stress.
  • We suggest to clients, alternate places for consideration. Although we would always advocate Florence, we are also equally determined to get clients to stop at Sienna and/or Lucca as well.
  • We will tell you where the best beaches are, what the best sights are, and how best to engage with the culture.

The question we will always ask you is, “what is the one thing you most want from this trip?”

Have a look at some of the customized itineraries we have built for past clients. They might give you some ideas – or rekindle that dream you have of visiting a far off place.