Air Nets

We provide air services for leisure and business travel. Our working relationships with the airlines and consolidators allow us to provide timely and professional service. Some of our distinct advantages:

  • We work with a variety of Air Consolidators, so that we can get the best price based on what geographical area of the world you are flying to.
  • For business flyers we provide a monthly billing plan if required.
  • For Leisure flyers we provide connections using charter airlines and regional low cost airlines if requested.
  • Our professional geographical understanding of air routing.
A True Story
Very responsive and accessible! Helped me plan a great trip – and was very available during the trip when an airline strike shifted our plans. I highly recommend Chris!

– Ilana S., British Columbia

Travel Tip

Clients often ask when the optimum time to purchase air is, but we suggest that consumers think in terms of the best “drop dead” time for purchasing. If you purchase before these number of days out from your trip, you will save money.

Domestic Air Travel:

  • Canada & US:  47 days prior to traveling


  • Mexico:  251 days prior to traveling
  • Latin America: 96 days prior to traveling
  • Caribbean:  144 days prior to traveling

Europe: 276 days prior to traveling

Africa: 262 days prior to traveling

Middle East:  213 days prior to traveling

Asia:  318 days prior to traveling

South Pacific:  244 days prior to traveling*

It should be noted that although there are likely to be seat sales in the last weeks leading up to a domestic flight, there are never seat sales on long haul flights to Asia, Africa and Europe.

*Courtesy Cheapoair